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Poker Sponsorship is the dream of many poker players, it used to be the case that only high profile poker players used to get such deals. 

Now Bankroll Supply offer these opportunities to poker players at all levels. We know that there are many talented players who do not have the sufficient bankroll to play poker at the stakes they wish to. 

Bankroll Supply's goal is to offer support to players and help them improve their poker game as well as understand bankroll management. 

If you are interested in becoming a sponsored Online poker player then you are in the right place, whether you want to be sponsored at no risk or if you are already a professional poker player but want to be backed so you can play at higher levels then our sponsorship program is exactly what you need! 

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Head to Las Vegas with Grosvenor Poker

Grosvenor Guarantees 20 x £2,500 Colossus Packages

Fancy getting away to Vegas this summer and taking a shot at the big-time? If you are looking for value, are overlaying in a big way at the moment, with tonnes of value in the super satellites and also in the feeders.

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Strategy: Live Tells

In our latest strategy article, sponsored pro's Matt Harris and Sean Belton give their insight into live tells.

Everyone’s watched the scene in the latest Casino Royale when Le Chiffre starts weeping blood at the poker table, or the part in rounders where Teddy KGB breaks an Oreo when he’s got the nuts.

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BRS Hand of the Week

This week Sean Belton and Matt Harris discuss a hand from a $22 satellite on PartyPoker. Click here to see their expert analysis.

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Bankroll Supply Now Recruiting MTT Players

At Bankroll Supply (BRS) we have been sponsoring online poker players for almost 10 years. Over the years we have worked with some of the most successful online and live players, and due to the continued success of the company, we are now looking to expand our player pool.

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Emotional Intelligence – A Personality Trait…that can be improved!

Individual differences at the psychological level make each person unique, and are useful for explaining and predicting performance. Personality relating to emotions, should be considered at the trait level.

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